The Freefall Game (English Edition) por Nick Kelso

Titulo del libro : The Freefall Game (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 30, 2015
Autor : Nick Kelso
Número de páginas : 186
The Freefall Game (English Edition) por Nick Kelso

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Nick Kelso con The Freefall Game (English Edition)

The Freefall Game is a true story set mainly in the North West England during the 1980's. It describes the authors descent into "adrenaline addiction" as he attempts to become a qualified skydiver. The story moves from the curious first time jumper to someone who tests jumps a smoke damaged parachute for fun, or in other words from the merely inexplicable to the reallly wild and crazy. It is also the tale of some remarkable characters,, a good deal of partying and a continuous sense of humour, which was used to ward off the ever present danger of "bouncing"or "going in".

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