Sensory Processing 101 por Dayna Abraham

Titulo del libro : Sensory Processing 101
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 9, 2015
Autor : Dayna Abraham
Número de páginas : 190
ISBN : 0692518363
Editor : LLA Media LLC
Sensory Processing 101 por Dayna Abraham

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Dayna Abraham con Sensory Processing 101

Páginas: 190 Géneros: 12:VFX:Advice on parenting 12:JNS:Teaching of specific groups & persons with special educational needs 12:VF:Family & health Sinopsis: Whether you are a parent, educator, caregiver, or therapist, this easy-to-read guide is your starting point to gain a better understanding of sensory processing and the body ,s sensory systems. You may have heard of Sensory Processing Disorder, but this book is designed to help all children - not just those with a sensory disorder. The truth is that supporting healthy sensory processing is an important part of promoting overall health in every child. With this comprehensive guide, you get three books in one, including

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